The Garden

Your Private Oasis Awaits

Peaceful, distinct, and unmistakably exquisite, the garden at 2100 Hamilton is a unique oasis that serves as a seamless extension of both the greenery of the Parkway and the garden of the Rodin Museum next door. This rare urban gem features a blend of trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses, and mixed perennials all living in harmony with the breathtaking water displays. There’s no other place quite like this in Philadelphia.

“We’ve created an urban oasis for residents. A lush, vibrant garden that changes with the seasons.”


Landscape Architect

An Enchanting Escape

Experience a retreat right outside your front door. Our elegant wood pergola protects our outdoor living space from the elements, allowing residents to fully embrace the beauty of the nearly half-acre garden, rain or shine. A built-in smart sensor automatically adjusts the louvers offering uninterrupted enjoyment of the very special ambience this space offers. Complete with wooden furniture, suspended lounge chairs, a fireplace, and various sitting areas, this artistic space provides a level of relaxed sophistication you deserve.

A Cascading Symphony

A dramatic ensemble of water features bring our garden to life in more ways than you can imagine. The stunning centerpiece is the 40ft long and 6ft tall water wall that stretches across the south end of the garden. Along the north side, an additional water wall flows into a 40ft long reflecting pool, ideal for morning introspection or evening repose. Amid it all is a 24ft long granite water table that bridges the upper and sunken terraces, creating a flawless garden experience.

A Zen State of Mind

Escape reality in our Zen-like garden, framed with specimen Japanese maple trees and dotted with a masterfully designed composition of diverse trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses, and mixed perennials. This impeccably landscaped vision mixes textures, heights, and an ever-changing color palette to match the season. It is an intimate, peaceful, contemplative space drawing its cues from the quiet elegance of the neighboring Rodin Museum.

Incomparable Views

To complete the effect, your private garden also features spectacular views of the Philadelphia cityscape that will leave you speechless. Two strategically placed lookout points offer a breathtaking perspective of the Center City skyline, the Barnes, and, most notably, sunsets over the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Drink it all in.